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Advantages of using LED street lights on the road

Release time: 2022-07-01 10:46:39    Views: 723
LED street light manufacturers will briefly introduce the advantages of LED street lights on the road.
The light efficiency of traditional street lights on the road is obviously not as good as that of LED street lights. The main reason is that the LED light source used in LED street lights has good unidirectionality and extremely high light output. Street lights emit light in all directions, relying on reflectors to focus the light in a single direction, the loss is large, and the light output rate is much lower than that of LED street lights.
The main advantage of LED outdoor street lights is that it greatly reduces power consumption, saves more than 40% of electricity, and avoids the hidden danger of turning off the lights every time. It has far-reaching significance for promoting efficient and energy-saving intelligent lighting equipment, effectively utilizing light energy according to the actual lighting situation, and saving lighting electricity.
The LED street light adopts the single-chip control technology to dynamically and intelligently manage the illumination of the street light to realize the humanization of the LED street light. Because LED street lights have the characteristics of extremely fast transient response that other street lights do not have, it is easy to use KHZ-level pulse width modulation (PWM) on the circuit to adjust the switching duty cycle of LED street lights, that is, to adjust the overall brightness of the lamp.